Welcome to Spatulacity!
If you don't know what spatulacity is from, you should watch "UHF" by Weird Al Yankovic.

I primarily put this page up so that people would understand that this domain is indeed used, although it is mostly used for email

I ride a couple of bikes. I own a 1983 BMW R80G/S, a 1984 BMW R65LS, and a 2007 BMW R1200RT. The R80 was my first BMW. I love it, but have decided to sell it. I am sure it will be gone before I update this web page. The R65 is an interesting bike. Super small, fairly light for a BMW airhead, and extremely underpowered. 35 SHP. It forces you to remember what a transmission is for. Lots of shifting on the hills around my house, but it's a fun bike, and while the longest trip I've done on it was only a couple hundred miles round trip, it's an easy bike to ride, even over the Cascade mountains.

The R1200RT is a great bike. Lots of power, lots of comfort. It has 110 SHP, a 6 speed tranny, heated grips, heated seat, electronic cruise control, and an electrically adjustable windscreen. The only downside is that my Aerostich gear wants airflow into the cuffs on hot days, and the fairing and mirrors prevent that. Going to have to get some new hot weather gear. I the Puget Sound 40 degree rainy days, it's great. I have Gerbing's heated gear with Warm-N-Safe controllers, those combined with the wind reduction of the fairing mean you can be toasty all day. That bike I've taken from Redmond to Reno and back, going a long way around. I haven't done the Saddle Sore 1,000 on it, like I did on my 2000 R1150GS, but it isn't out of the question. I promise I'll put some bike pics up. I have them online, just not linked here.

This is the Cub Crafters Top Cub N390CC. You can take float lessons in it at Kenmore Air, not surprisingly, in Kenmore, WA

This is a DeHavilland Beaver, N6781L, also at Kenmore. I took a lesson in it as well. The first picture shows my wife Debbie and I standing on the floats. She didn't go for the lesson. I split the lesson with my friend Armando Stettner. You can see him in the left seat in some of the pictuers. If you have the chance, you should take a lesson, or at least a flight in the Beaver. Kenmore Air is THE place for them, and they are a piece of history.

Well, this is a Cat 966 payloader that I got to take for a spin, thanks to my friend Burt Wheeler. Thanks Burt!

Well, here are some links to sites I like:

My friend Ken Mosher has this site http://dragocactoid.com.


Let me say something. I don't usually use my site to rant, but TurboTax has pushed me too far. I have spent the last several days trying to do my taxes. TurboTax offered to import my brokerage statements from my brokerage. I put in my brokerage credentials. I immediately got an error message saying my credentials were incorrect. I went to the brokerage web site, and logged right in. Tried it again with TurboTax. Nada. I decided to put the statements in manually. I used their "EasyGuide" button, that promised to walk me through the process. I answered every question that it asked. In the end, when I clicked on the button to check my review, it gave me a bunch of warnings that I hadn't entered all of my stock info. I answered everything it asked. I clicked to get support. It said the estimated time for a chat session was 60 minutes. 1/2 hour later the estimated wait time on my screen had climbed to 90 minutes. I gave up for the weekend. I tried again tonight. I entered all of the information manually. My paperwork from my brokerage, a very large brokerage, has "N/A" for one of the fields. TurboTax won't take "N/A". If you leave it blank, it once again errors on the final check. I've been on hold with them for over an hour at this point, and since they don't give status, I have no idea if they'll ever pickup. Long story short, save your money, gather your tax info, go to an accountant. Our accountant doesn't charge much more than TurboTax, and provides free technical support. We'll probably have to file an extension and do just that. TurboTax used to be a product I recommended, but I have to say, that's not happening anymore!